There is no shame if circumstances force you to surrender your Ridgeback to us for re-homing. Your, and our, primary concern is the welfare of your Ridgeback but if you do have to consider re-homing your Ridgeback this section outlines some of the most frequent questions you might have.

The Welfare Trust fully understands that it can be a heartbreaking time so our first option will be to see if we can help to find a solution that enables you to keep your Ridgeback.
If however after our initial discussion we both agree that re-homing is the only option available we will send you a set of forms to complete, this is not through love of bureaucracy, but so that we have ALL details legally declared in one place. We will need current photographs of your dog, medical history, microchip details and a summary of your dogs behavioural personality. In an ever more litigious society it is important for the protection of both parties that you fully disclose any excessive behaviour,  aggression and biting incidents

Depending on the individual circumstances we may arrange for one of our supporters to visit and assess your dog.

Normally rehoming will involve you bringing your Ridgeback to our facility at Rosehill Farm so that we can further assess each dog and match their attributes & personalities to the waiting list of potential adopters.

We do not encourage home from home adoption as experience has shown that it is seldom successful, we also have grave reservations, again born of experience about the re-homing of Ridgebacks via social media and internet based trading sites as they can and do lead to totally unsuitable people gaining ownership of a Ridgeback 

If you need to, please first email us here ridgebackwelfare or telephone us on 0300 10 10 030

Please remember:
 we cannot accept cross-bred dogs.
We are a charity, our only source of income is donations from our supporters, the average cost to us of rehoming a Ridgeback is £395.

We would like to think that every dog surrendered to us would come with a donation, but if your circumstances do not permit this, it is not compulsory, for us it is far more important that we protect the welfare of your Ridgeback      


The Rhodesian Ridgeback Welfare Trust

A Registered Charity - Number 1042184  -  established in 1994

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Although the primary purpose of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Welfare Trust is to protect and improve the welfare of the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed its main day to day activity is to find caring, permanent homes for dogs that need them for a variety of reasons.

With careful home checking and dog assessment procedures, our aim is to place each individual dog in an appropriate and loving home for the rest of its life.

Some are simply victims of circumstance, perhaps a bereavement, break up of a relationship, loss of job or home, or a family move overseas.

However, do remember that in many ways, taking on an adult dog can be as demanding as taking on a puppy. These dogs are usually trouble free and settle easily into a new environment. Some may have come from unsuitable homes where they may have been mistreated or allowed to develop bad habits which will need to be corrected.

In our experience, very few Ridgebacks are untrainable or unable to respond to kindness, affection, accompanied by firm but sensitive handling.

Having won their confidence, a rescue Ridgeback will reward you with loyalty, affection and a great deal of enjoyment. Wherever possible we will pass on a dog's history (but not its papers, other than vaccination and/or insurance certificates). But, occasionally the history will not be known if, for example, the dog has come from another  general rescue sanctuary or has been abandoned.

We take great care to match the requirements and characteristics of each dog with the potential new home. We will not place a dog in a home with children unless it can be shown to have previously lived happily with children. We prefer not to place male dogs in a home where there are existing male dogs to avoid possible problems of jealousy and conflict.

Exercise is an important consideration. Ridgebacks are hounds and so need a great deal of exercise - at least an hour and a half a day with the opportunity to safely run free. Unless you are taking on an older dog, a small local park is unlikely to be appropriate.

Being hunting dogs, Ridgebacks are likely to chase anything that runs away from them - as most things do, careful consideration should be given to where the dog will be exercised.

 If, after careful thought and consideration, you decide that you will be able to offer a special home to a deserving adult Ridgeback whose world has fallen apart, you can be assured that you will not be on your own.


To take the next step to rehome a Ridgeback either email: ridgebackwelfare or Telephone: 0300 10 10 030

An Adoption Request Form can be downloaded here  Please download, print, complete and then either scan and email to us or send by conventional post.
Once registered you will be included on our waiting list email notifications
Surrendering your Rhodesian Ridgeback to the Welfare Trust for re-homing